July 24, 2021
New features and improvements
  • With today's release, our Inbox will be even more powerful
  • You can now name the colored chat tags individually to make it even easier and better to organize yourself
  • When replying to a Chat Email, you now have the 3 usual options
  • By the way, did you know how many emails are sent every day? And how many email users there are worldwide? There are billions. You can find the exact numbers at the end of this post. :-)
Inbox: "Mark as seen" + "Archive" are now 2 separate actions
On our way to becoming the best email management and get-work-done app in the world, we have now taken another big step.

Until now, when working through chats with new messages, there was only the option to mark them as read, which also made them automatically disappear from the inbox (this is also the case if you replied in a chat with news).

Many love this feature because it makes it super-easy to achieve "Inbox Zero".
And many have told us that this automatic "take out of my Inbox" irritates them a bit and that this is not the case in old-fashioned email programs like Outlook or Gmail.

That's why we've extended the functionality to process news in the Inbox - and are now able make both sides happy.

Chats with news in your Inbox now offer 2 options:

  • Mark as seen ("Eye") -> marks the chat as seen, it stays in the Inbox
  • Archive ("Archive") -> corresponds to the previous action: the chat is marked as seen and disappears from the Inbox
When you reply to a chat with news, it is automatically marked as seen (and remains in the Inbox) after the reply is sent.
Color flags to chats - now individually nameable
You can flag chats with colors that are visible only to you and not to others.

Many people use this simple but very powerful feature to mark all the chats they want to discuss later in a meeting, for example, or to mark them as "Important".
And many people wished that the colors could be named individually - your wish is our command.
Now move your mouse over an entry in the chat color list and you will see the "Edit" icon on the right. A hearty click on it - and you're ready to go.

Of course, these names will then also be displayed in the list of your color-flagged chats.

Reply to a Chat Email - now with more options

When replying to a Chat Email, you now have the 3 options known from conventional email programs:
  • Reply (only to the sender, no takeover of the attachments).
  • Reply to all (to all persons mentioned in the e-mail, no takeover of the attachments)
  • Forward (take over the attachments, no pre-filling of the recipients)
Fun facts about email usage
Number of emails sent in billions. Per day!

Number of email users worldwide
Email and Get-Work-Done is a multi-billion market that we will revolutionize with SmartGroups.
March 27, 2021
The new basic navigation in smartgroups
Milestone 1 to kill Outlook and GMail Inbox

Over the last few months, we have given a lot of thought and talked to many users about how we can simplify the usability and the basic navigation concept in smartgroups and, in particular, better pick up users who are used to mail programs such as Outlook or GMail.

Our goal is simple:
smartgroups will be an Outlook and GMail Inbox killer. :-)

The most important finding was that we need to optimize the structure and look of the basic navigation again, which has now been implemented with regard to the structure. The design will soon shine in new splendor.

And this is what it looks like, the new "Left Wing":

The tabs bar on the left no longer exists, which means that there are now 3 columns in the app instead of 4. This makes many things even easier and clearer.

In the new "Left Wing" the already known functions are now easier to see and use.
Just try it out.

Seamlessly and consistently, the "Un-assigned e-mails" function has also been integrated for further processing e-mails a user sent to smartgroups (inbox.smartwork-solutions@smartgroups.io) from your "normal" e-mail client or cell phone.

In addition, there are now the buttons for
  • My bookmarks
  • Dashboards (if provided for the user)
  • Search

Dedicated area for integrated apps

Natively embedded apps, such as SMASHDOCs, are also now better and more seamlessly integrated.

Filter chat list by group affiliation
"Filter by groups" appears below the Inbox and apps area, so you can filter news by groups precisely and conveniently as before.

Groups (called "Workspaces" in the future).

At the very bottom is the area for calling the workspace list and searching for a workspace.
New feature: "My flagged chats
The feature "My flagged chats" is new. There you can now see all the chats that you have personally flagged in color and can conveniently filter by color.

A really often requested function, which we gladly implemented and for which we still have a lot of ideas how to make it even more powerful.

List of workspaces

We will call groups "workspaces" in the future.

Clicking in the search field down in the Left Wing shows the list of workspaces, using the search field you can quickly and easily find the desired workspace.

A new workspace can be easily created by clicking the "New" button.
Navigation in a workspace
After opening a workspace, the Inbox area is collapsed so that you can fully concentrate on the navigation area of the workspace.

And of course, you won't miss any new chat posts and emails, because in this case a corresponding notification will be displayed to the Inbox tab.

With one click, the Inbox area is opened again and you can immediately continue working there.

And so it continues
Some things may sometimes feel a bit "unfamiliar" at first (especially because you are already used to the existing concept through daily use), but the result is that navigation in smartgroups is fundamentally much simpler, clearer, easier to understand and even faster. You will see. :-)

Further optimizations
We have also developed a concept in parallel with the new Left Wing to make the operation of the middle and right sections even easier and more convenient. We are now working on this.

And everything even more beautiful? Soon!
Simplified usability is one thing, but as we all know, the eye also eats, which is why we have been working on a completely new look and feel for some time now.
More modern, more stylish, more intuitive - which will not only further simplify usability, but also increase the fun of working with smartgroups every day.

Smartgroups - the Outlook and GMail Inbox Killer?!
Imagine that in the future all your incoming emails would no longer end up in Outlook or in your GMail Inbox, but would be immediately transferred to smartgroups and there automatically converted into smart chats, with which the subsequent communication and coordination within your company and with external parties via e-mail would be much easier and more efficient than before.

So well and cool implemented that you won't feel like using Outlook or GMail Inbox ever again.

Then Smartgroups killed Outlook and GMail Inbox. We are working hard on nothing less than that every day with maximum concentration and passion.

You will see it soon enough.